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Now internet keeps you connected with the world and you do not need expense huge amount. Day by day, the expense of the using internet has been easier and cheaper. Once people could not think about the wireless internet connection but it has been easier for the Wi-Fi. For enabling Wi-Fi, you need to use a router. From online store, you can order the device and you can buy the router at different rate. Due to the facilities, you have to pay the amount. You can order Netgear router which is very popular for its awesome performance. Netgear router covers your demand. So, you can buy a Netgear router based on your demand.
Now you have to configure the router and connect the device with computer. You need to use Ethernet cables and power adapter for configuration and for this reason, you need to read the manual and all papers. In the router box, you will get all necessary information what you need to know. Read the router manual and all papers well before starting action the router configuration and internal settings of the device. Anything is not difficult if you read the router manual and papers. If you need more help, you can visit Netgear website.
For internal settings, you need to login to the router and you need to use username, password and the IP address. Netgear home routers mainly use an IP address as default and “admin” is used as a username and a password. You will get all those things back side of the router together. You must not get those contents as netgear. Now when you connect the device with the computer, then turn on the device and computer. From the computer, you need to login to the router control and setup all settings.
You need a browser for login to the router. Some routers come with application. If your router does not have any application, then you need to use a browser. On the browser address bar, you just type the IP address and when you press enter button, then a screen will pop up where you have to use username and password. If you do not see the screen and get the error message, then you can check the IP address. If it is or not. You need to use “ipconfig” command to identify the IP address. You need to use type the command on the Command prompt page. After typing the “ipconfig” command, press on the Enter button, then you will get Default Gateway as the IP address. Put the username and password for login to the router.
The Internal settings are very important thing and most of the routers come with the wizard tool which you need to use to setup internet. Manual settings are little difficult and time killing matter. This is why, many expert users avoid manual setting. Wizard tool lets users to setup internet first and some other settings will be installed for using the Wizard tool. But for manual setting, you have to find out things manually which is very difficult.
You may find netgear in many blogs and website and new users may use the same thing as a link. They get error message for use the netgear as a link. You now know what are used for purposes. However, if you want to change the Username, password and IP address, then you can do thing after login to the router. For securing the settings of the router, you need to change the default username and password. You should not change the default IP address until you face the IP address confliction problem.
The IP address confliction problem does not let you use internet or Wi-Fi. So, you need to solve the problem and make the connection active. Changing the IP address is the only solution of the IP address confliction problem. You need to login to the router if you want to change the IP address. Wi-Fi and internet may not work properly until you fix the problem. This is very easy to change the IP address. You need to know the IP address range of the IP address
The IP address is from Class C and this Class of IP address starts from to When you change the IP address, then you need to use any IP address from the IP address range. After setup an IP address from the IP address range, you need to save it in the router. The IP address confliction occurs from the multiple in the same network. When same IP address runs in multiple networking devices, then you will face the IP address confliction problem. Now you have to change the IP address and setup the unique IP address in all of the devices.
You need to change the default Username and password from the router control. The default username and password “admin” can be changed. Now save the changed data and you need to note those things for the next time login. For the next time login, you need to use the manual IP address if you changed the default address on the browser address bar and you have to use manual username and password. Now your default data will not work. When you press on the reset button of the router, then all of the manual settings and data will be removed.
Wi-Fi security is very important thing and you need to setup some option for securing the Wi-Fi. For the Wi-Fi security, you need to choose Wireless Settings of Netgear. In the Wireless settings, you need to enable WPA2-PSK (AES). Now you should choose a hard password. You can use password building tool for making a hard password. You make the password by adding numbers, letters and symbols in the passphrase and click on the apply button. Now your router and Wi-Fi are safe and secured. You can enable MAC filtering option for securing the connection. MAC filtering process will let you enable/disable the devices which are connected with Wi-Fi.
Router manual and other papers help you to follow all of the process. You just read the router manual before starting any process for the Wi-Fi or the router. This article will help users to follow all of the process. You need to visit the Netgear website if you need more information. If you face serious trouble related with the router, then you should contact with the vendor. If your router has valid warranty period, then you will get a new router. Netgear customer care service is the best service and you will enjoy the service.